Papas Fritas - Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

Papas Fritas - Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

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Introducing Papas Fritas - A Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern featuring your favorite salty, yummy snack! 

We’re sure you’ve heard that saying, “when life hands you a potato, make french fries!” Right?  Well... maybe not exactly along, but it’s quite fitting for this pattern.  You may want to put your party pants on while you’re making this block, because it’s just SO fun! 

To complete the block, you’ll use Foundation Paper Piecing.  Paper piecing is perfect for scrap-busting, however we provide material requirements in case you want to venture to your local quilt shop for their newest selections. This pattern works best with Quilting Cotton. 

Once you’re done with the block, what do you do with it??... turn it into a papas fritas pillow, a tater tote, or make a bunch of them and create a quilt for your favorite fast food lover! 

*** Note:  This listing is NOT for a finished product - it is a PDF digital pattern that you use to sew up your own Papas Fritas!  You will not receive anything via snail mail. 

Finished block size: 15” W x 15” L 

Difficulty:  For Intermediate sewists; paper piecing experience required.  This tutorial does not include instructions for Foundation Paper Piecing. If you've never paper pieced, there are lots of great tutorials out there to help you get started.  Or better yet, take a class at your local quilt shop! 

Printable on 8-1/2" by 11" paper.  Once you purchase the listing, you'll be given instructions on how to download the pattern immediately. 

This pattern includes how to make one individual block.

Materials needed for this project: 
For 1 block (all quilting cotton): 
        - Background: 1/4 yd
        - Cup:  1/4 yd
        - French Fry Color #1: 1/8 yd
        - French Fry Color #2: 1/8 yd
        - French Fry Color #3: 1/8 yd

*If you are only making one block you can also use scraps. 1/8 yd will be more than enough for one block, but if purchasing fabric off the bolt, 1/8 yard is typically the smallest length you can buy.

You may sell your items made with this pattern, but only on a home-based, small-production scale, and we ask that you give Studio M Squared desgin credit.  Absolutely no manufacturing permitted.  

Reproduction of this pattern without consent from Studio M Squared is prohibited.  Copyright 2018 Studio M Squared.