The Upcycled Tee - PDF Sewing Pattern

The Upcycled Tee - PDF Sewing Pattern


The Upcycled Tee is a great project for beginners - kids and adults alike! Take a plain tee and dress it up with a pretty, flowy rayon to express your personal style by adding a simple pocket on the front and a godet in the back. (A godet is a fancy term for a piece of fabric added to a garment to make it roomier or flowy). If you’re looking to start making your own clothes and need an easy project to start with -- this one is perfect... or, if you’ve been sewing forever and just want to transform a favorite tee that’s become a bit too snug, this upcycle is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s also a great way to use up a piece of fabric that’s too small for a whole new garment but too pretty to throw out! So many possibilties! 

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This download includes a printable pattern for the front pocket as well as a clear, detailed tutorial that will teach you how to draft a pattern for the godet based on whatever T-shirt you’re using (trust us, it’s super easy -- all you need is a pencil, ruler and paper! 

This pattern is written for use with rayon fabric or similar weight fabric with a drape. 

Materials needed for this project: 
- 1 t-shirt (this project is great for repurposing a shirt that is a little snug)
- 1/3 yd accent fabric
(Suggested fabrics: rayon or lightweight fabric with a drape)
- 1/8 yd lightweight fusible interfacing (we like Pellon 906f)